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RailComm’s switch and third rail heater remote control system provides an efficient method for operating and monitoring multiple switch heaters, snow melters, and third rail heaters from a central location. Centralized remote control means decreased expense for manual labor, dramatically lower energy costs, increased reliability, and improved safety performance.

Now all of your switch and third rail heaters can be operated automatically via remote control from a centrally located workstation. Productivity and safety are dramatically improved with RailComm’s wireless remote control technology, eliminating the need for workers to perform the dangerous activity of manually operating switch and third rail heaters.

RailComm’s switch and third rail heater remote control system significantly reduces energy costs because heaters are energized only when necessary through RailComm’s configurable DOC® control software.

With built in diagnostics, your maintenance personnel have all of the data they need before going out to the field. Each heater element is monitored by the system and logged to a file. When an element failure is detected, it can be alarmed and serviced before it affects train movement.

RailComm Remote Control System Advantages

  • Higher productivity through centralized remote control of heaters
  • Rapid return on investment through power savings and safety improvements
  • Lower energy costs through intelligent cycling of heater element controls
  • Complete command of heater automation when integrated with weather data service
  • Seamless retrofit to existing in-service heaters through wireless control
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