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Efficient rail operation is all about fluidity, keeping cars moving on schedule and to the right destinations. RailComm’s automation solutions decrease car dwell times, increase safety of employees, and increase throughput of yards and terminals.

The automation of a modern rail yard involves the integration of a variety of components and devices aimed at enhancing the safety and productivity of all facets of rail operations. RailComm Integrated Automation provides railroads and rail-served industrials with a roadmap to continuously improve yard and terminal fluidity.

Remote Control & Routing

The remote control of switches and other assets allows for the easy and quick routing of trains throughout a yard or terminal, increasing the efficiency and safety of the operation. Rather than relying on a worker to enter potentially dangerous track space and manually throw each device, an entire route can be lined instantly with the push of a button. RailComm provides remote control and routing with its yard solution, a highly scalable and configurable operating platform.

Blue Flag Protection

RailComm’s remote control blue flag automation system increases productivity and dramatically increases worker safety. It automates the process of blue flag protection for workers that perform inspections, repairs, or refueling operations. Our remote control systems boost productivity by eliminating the need to drive out to both ends of the protected zone to manually place and remove the blue flags, apply and remove derails, and line the switches away.

iTrack™ Intelligent Railcar Yard Inventory

It is paramount to any yard operation to know where all railcars and locomotives are located. The manual process of car identification today, which may require railroad personnel to walk each track in the yard, is both inefficient and dangerous.

RailComm’s iTrack™ Intelligent Railcar Yard Inventory solution is the first and only real-time fully automatic railcar inventory system that allows yard personnel to identify and follow the location of every car and locomotive entering the facility.

Remote Heater Control

RailComm’s switch and third rail heater remote control system provides an efficient method for operating and monitoring multiple switch heaters, snow melters, and third rail heaters from a central location. Centralized remote control means decreased expense for manual labor, dramatically lower energy costs, increased reliability, and improved safety performance.

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