Positive Train Control


RailComm DOC fully supports dispatching PTC-enabled railroads, using either ITC or E-ATC. No matter your flavor of PTC, RailComm DOC allows dispatchers to enter mandatory directives directly into the dispatch system during normal use. All dispatcher required functionality is integrated into the office segment of PTC. DOC communicates to the RailComm back office system (BOS) or wayside equipment and can receive information from the locomotive segment when provided to the BOS, such as overspeed warnings.

Interoperable Train Control (ITC) Back Office System (BOS)

RailComm’s BOS is an independent interoperable train control-compliant positive train control back office system. It is designed to be compatible with third-party ITC PTC systems and can replace any existing BOS.

Enhanced Automatic Train Control (E-ATC)

E-ATC is a system that uses an underlying automatic train control (ATC) system, in conjunction with other “enhanced” features or systems to achieve the core required functionalities of PTC. These systems are often integrated with underlying cab signal systems (CSS) and centralized traffic control (CTC) systems, in addition to other signal or train control system enhancements the railroad elects to make, to meet the full requirements of PTC.

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