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Shoving cars can be an inefficient and potentially dangerous task requiring multiple people to spot train movements and communicate with engine operators or RCL controllers. This is due to the uncertainty surrounding a manual shove track operation – in which a train operator must slowly shove cars onto a dead-end track with only guidance from workers spotting the move and communicating with radios.

Railroads can benefit from technology to have a safer and more efficient Shove Track process that reduces dwell time and the risk of damaging tracks, cars, or car contents.

RailComm’s Shove Track System provides remote indication to monitor the blind side of shove tracks allowing yard crews to determine when the shove move has reached the end of the track, helping them to eliminate overruns or track fouling, and eliminating the need to station a worker at the end of the track to monitor shove track operations. This is especially important when moving hazardous materials that may have fatal or costly consequences when being mishandled.

RailComm’s Shove Track Protection is accomplished by integrating a detection and indication subsystems with RailComm’s DOC system to monitor and report on the status of the system.

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