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It is paramount to any yard operation to know where all railcars and locomotives are located. The manual process of car identification today, which may require railroad personnel to walk each track in the yard, is both inefficient and dangerous.

RailComm’s iTrack™ Intelligent Railcar Yard Inventory solution is the first and only real-time fully automatic railcar inventory system that allows yard personnel to identify and follow the location of every car and locomotive entering the facility.

The solution integrates with the RailComm DOC system, Car Identification Portal, and RailComm’s Insight monitoring and analytics platform which provides a dashboard with live video feed and system health monitoring and analytics. Wheel sensors located at each switch turnout provide automatic and continuous tracking of each railcar throughout the yard. As rail cars move through the yard, the system knows their exact location, which can be searched at anytime from anywhere via a graphical Web-based interface. The system and data reside on RailComm’s secure and reliable Cloud infrastructure.

  • Detects every railcar (even cars with defective Automatic Equipment Identification AEI tags)
  • Improves yard throughput by saving time identifying cars as they move throughout the yard
  • Measures Dwell time
  • Calculates available track length in real time
  • Provides the most important information and metrics right on your smartphone (text, email, web)
iTrack Overview

    iTrack Overview page lists all tracks and includes:

  • User defined Track Labels
  • Car count per track
  • Calculated available track capacity per track
  • Total cars in the yard
iTrack Track List

    iTrack Individual Track View page includes:

  • Detailed list of each car
  • Click through to individual car history report
  • Click through to track inventory report
  • Origin data on each car
  • Edit Inventory capabilities
iTrack Car Metrics

    iTrack Metrics page includes:

  • Total cars in the yard over time
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