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To be able to move freight and passenger trains in a safe and timely manner, the railroads must perform inspection and maintenance of all rail vehicles and undergo refueling operations. Railroad workers rely on a manual and rudimentary Blue Flag process to protect themselves from unexpected movements and other hazards that could lead to fatalities.

An added advantage of the RailComm’s Blue Flag Protection System is the ability for single workers to apply their own protection on one or multiple tracks concurrently. Railroads can also provide access to contractor crews to apply and remove their own protections. This cuts down the amount of time to manage all protections, without sacrificing anything in the way of safety or communication.

Railroads can benefit from technology to have a safer and more efficient Blue Flagging process, and increase the reliability and consistency of the application of blue flag rules during day or night.

RailComm’s Domain Operations Controller (DOC®) system provides a complete capability for the automation of your Blue Flag Protection process in yards and mainline facilities. In addition to increasing the safety of the railroads’ most valuable assets, the railroads can boost productivity and benefit from time savings as the blue flag protection is applied and removed from a central location or a field control panel, strategically located in proximity to the tracks.

Wireless remote control saves hours of time on each maintenance operation by eliminating the need to physically travel to both ends of a protected zone to manually place blue flags and line switches, and again to remove them once work is complete.

RailComm’s Blue Flag Protection is accomplished by integrating RailComm’s Blue Flag Indicators (BFI) with a control and communications subsystem. In addition, the system can interact with remote switch and derail control, for the application of physical protection of employees and assets.

The main features of the system include:

  • Remote blue flag protection with centralized and local control
  • Automatically apply derails and line switches away from protected tracks
  • Automatically block tracks to avoid routes lined over these tracks
  • Handle multiple users’ protections on the same or multiple tracks
  • Protection can be applied by each employee working on the protected tracks
  • Visual representation of the protected tracks through the DOC’s system graphical user interface
  • Automatically generate and store forms for FRA compliance
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