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Remote condition monitoring improves the performance and availability of your assets by enabling you to proactively discover and resolve issues before they occur. Benefits include lower maintenance costs, fewer unplanned delays, and greater customer satisfaction.

RailComm Insight, our smart monitoring and analytics platform, uses a combination of non-intrusive sensors and cloud-based analytics software to monitor your assets and alert you to potential failures before they happen.

Insight is a comprehensive platform that transforms traditional remote condition monitoring to a smart decision support tool for effective preventive and corrective condition-based maintenance.

RailComm is committed to:

  • Helping freight and passenger railroads reduce operating costs due to delays incurred by unexpected equipment malfunctions.
  • Improving the efficacy of maintenance and lowering maintenance costs with tools to enable condition based maintenance.

From mainline switches to full interlocking equipment, our platform roadmap supports critical assets that are key to keeping your trains moving safely and on time.

How much does a train delay cost your business?

It costs railroads thousands of dollars for every hour of unplanned train delays. This translates to millions of dollars in extra cost every year. Our premier analytics solution, RailComm Insight for mainline switches, can keep your trains moving and improve your bottom line.

RailComm Insight provides real benefits that will positively impact your bottom line:

  • Reduce operational costs that result from unplanned train delays
  • Improve customer satisfaction by meeting delivery times and on-time arrivals
  • Optimize maintenance and know when maintenance should be performed
  • Ensure reliability and understand root-cause of switch malfunction
  • Improve safety

How does it work?

RailComm Insight for mainline switches monitors the current draw when the switch is thrown. The resulting current waveform is a fingerprint that indicates the condition of both the switch machine and turnout, and can uncover developing problems before they occur. Insight for mainline switches will decrease delays and maintenance costs – positively impacting your bottom line.

Switch remote condition monitoring is simple and requires two steps:

1) installing non-intrusive data loggers and current sensors inside your signal bungalows, and
2) logging into the RailComm Insight cloud-based application.

There is no software to install and manage and the system becomes more intelligent as it collects more switch throw information.

Data collected from the switch is transmitted to the RailComm Cloud where it is combined with weather and other information, and automatically analyzed in near real-time. Detected problems are assigned a severity level, a descriptive text message and a link to the switch analysis page and sent to subscribed users via text messages, emails or voice calls. The graphical dashboard view is simultaneously updated to highlight developing problems.

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