Interoperable Train Control BOS


RailComm’s BOS is an independent interoperable train control-compliant positive train control back office system. It is designed to be compatible with third-party ITC PTC systems and can replace an existing BOS. The BOS provides a well-defined interface that any computer aided dispatch (CAD) system or other railroad management information system (MIS) can implement to become ITC PTC capable.

The users of the CAD System interact with the system through a CAD Workstation. Mandatory directives (including speed restrictions) are entered by the users into the CAD System using GCOR-based forms. Information about the speed restrictions is transmitted to the BOS, and from there are made available to the other segments of the PTC system.

The RailComm BOS serves as a bridge between the CAD system and the Interoperable Train Control Message (ITCM) system. Incoming messages from the CAD system are validated and converted into an ITCM-compatible message, and then sent to the ITCM server to be routed to the appropriate PTC-enabled locomotive.

The RailComm ITC BOS is capable of receiving the following information from the CAD system, as defined in AAR K-I 4.4:

  • Consists
  • Subdivision lists
  • Mandatory Directives (MD)
  • Bulletins
  • Switch/signal control requests
  • Switch/signal indications

The RailComm BOS can also interface with a Track Data System (TDS) to receive information about railroad fixed assets, such as switches, signals, tracks, and crossings.

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