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RailComm TIM (Testing, Inspection and Management) Forms platform supports testing, inspection and management applications accessible from desktop computers and mobile devices. The first application, TIM (CFR Part 217) Employee Efficiency Testing simplifies efficiency testing and inspection by administering tests and storing digital records for later retrieval in compliance with CFR regulations. TIM enables you to comply with regulations and avoid costly fines affordably and efficiently. Railroads using TIM Employee Efficiency Testing have found that more frequent efficiency testing leads to greater safety, productivity and improved performance.


Deployed on the Cloud:

Built on Amazon Cloud Services, TIM is secure, robust and reliable.

Lower cost of ownership:

Subscription-based Cloud service is more efficient than spreadsheet or paper-based record keeping systems. We handle all of the IT and eliminate all of the administrative paperwork, so you can focus on administering tests and reviewing results.

Mobile Device Enabled:

Supports mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) eliminates paper forms, scribbling in notebooks, or remembering “mental notes”.

Works offline:

Collect test data from your mobile device online and offline. If the mobile device does not have a network connection, the TIM mobile client will save the test results locally on the device and upload when the app re-connects to the network.

Web Client:

The TIM Web client allows you to enter past test results into the TIM system or simply use as a transition to the full mobile client to get you started using TIM quickly and painlessly.

Speech to Text Enabled:

The TIM mobile client allows the test giver to speak into their device instead of typing. This improves usability on small devices like mobile phones.

Photo Enabled:

Testers can attach a photograph to an employee’s test using the mobile device’s built-in camera. This is useful to capture details about a violation or to document unknown workers.

Easily search records:

Using the web based administration tools users can quickly generate reports for any period of time and regulation when requested by the FRA, management, or insurance company.

Data driven dashboards:

Simply and easily review test results by tester, person, test, department or craft to drive change and improve testing effectiveness.

Electronic record retention:

Built-in FRA mandated retention times helps you meet requirements and avoid fines while also reducing paper form use and storage.

Part 217 Templates:

TIM forms is currently available pre-populated with templates for Title 49 CFR Part 217 testing. Custom form creation is available via the TIM Management Console. This allows users to test other CFR’s or use TIM for internal company testing or record keeping.

Management Console:

The TIM Management Console is a web-based tool that supports Internet Explorer 10, Chrome and Firefox Web browsers.

TIM_ClientTIM Mobile Client

Sign up for a No Cost 30 Day Trial

Visit the TIM home page at tim.railcomm.com and enter your email address to sign up for a free 30 day trial. A welcome email will include your login ID and a quick start guide to help you hit the ground running. You can continue to use your existing process and simply enter the test data into the TIM Web Client or you can install the TIM Mobile Client and experience TIM’s full potential.

Included in the TIM trial:
  • Full functionality.
  • No limit on the number of managers and test administrators.
  • No limit on the number of tested employees.
  • No limit on the number of tests administered.
  • All data entered during the trial will be retained when you subscribe to TIM.
  • Standard Test Templates are pre-loaded. Trial users can edit the tests as needed.


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