Track Warrant Control


RailComm provides non-signaled territory dispatching under the GCOR, CROR and NORAC rule sets. Full conflict checking, automatic completion of warrants, train sheets, forms and bulletins, temporary speed restrictions and Track Out Of Service alert capabilities are all part of this module, making this the dark territory control system with the highest level of computer functionality available in the industry today.

Main features of our DOC system for mainline Track Warrant Control and Direct Traffic Control application include:

  • User-friendly graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Easy and safe track warrant issuance with
    point-and-click and auto-fill functionality
  • Access to manage train resources right
    from the GUI
  • Validation and conflict-checking processes
  • Electronic track warrant for work crews

With RailComm’s TWC system, mainline dispatchers have a user-friendly tool to perform their normal operation in a safe and effective way. The system manages the dispatcher transfer process and the issuance of track bulletins and other track and employee protections, based on the railroad’s specific ruleset of operation. The system is able to handle multiple rulesets for railroads that operate different rules in different subdivisions or territories.

In addition to the graphical user interface, the dispatcher has access to other DOC modules, including electronic train sheets, that support the management of train calls, train resources, train delays, weather and more.

At the central office, the operation is carried out using an arrangement of DOC servers and workstations based on the dispatching needs. Thanks to DOC’s architecture the TWC system can be used in conjunction with other DOC applications for mainline train control such as Centralized Traffic Control and SCADA capabilities for control and monitoring of other assets, without the need for purchasing additional infrastructure.

RailComm’s CTC system is available on a client-server architecture or hosted as Service-as-a-Software on RailComm’s cloud.

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