DOC® System

Remote Command Software

RailComm’s Domain Operations Controller is an advanced command, control, communication, and information platform that supports a wide variety of integrated solutions of critical operational data across the railroad enterprise.

DOC supports a variety of applications for yard automation and mainline dispatching. Our customers benefit from having one platform, and same IT infrastructure, to fulfill their rail operations needs eliminating the cost and complexity of maintaining multiple legacy systems.

RailComm Insight

Smart Monitoring and Analytics

Remote condition monitoring improves the performance and availability of your assets by enabling you to proactively discover and resolve issues before they occur. Benefits include lower maintenance costs, fewer unplanned delays, and greater customer satisfaction.

RailComm Insight, our smart monitoring and analytics platform, uses a combination of non-intrusive sensors and cloud-based analytics software to monitor your assets and alert you to potential failures before they happen.


Intelligent Control Hardware

The RailComm Controller platform facilitates the remote operation of assets for yard automation applications. With machine-to-machine (M2M) technology, RailComm’s controllers provide multiple intelligent applications to interface with many industry standard field devices.

Depending on the scope of your RailComm solution, our IAC and EAC based controllers interface, translate, monitor and control, or expand input/output capacity.

RailComm RADiANT

Data Communications

The RailComm RADiANT platform provides an efficient and reliable method for wireless communications for your RailComm solutions. With integrated high gain antenna and outdoor-rated enclosure, the RADiANT radios offer an optimized remote control network without interfering or degrading the operation or reliability of other existing radio networks.

All RADiANT wireless radios are optimized for railroad and transit environments, and employ spread spectrum technology to obtain enhanced reliability, increased bandwidth, and improved security.

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